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"I truly believe I'm going to be the UFC Lightweight Champion this year." - Michael Chandler

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Big thanks to Michael Chandler for the interview. Check out his YouTube channel here:

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Finally getting a fight/being a UFC commentator
2:10 When did you know you were going to be in this fight?
4:10 Going into a fight camp blind
5:23 Tony's performance/making weight twice
9:19 Comparing pressure to Eddie Alvarez early in his career
12:16 I will be UFC champion
14:58 Are you worried about being the "next" Ben Askren?
17:28 Is it harder to fight good guys/bad guys/what do you think of Hooker?
20:49 Are you the UFCs "new toy"?
23:10 Can you take Hooker down and get him on his back?
26:58 Are you prepared for 3 rounds on the feet?
29:30 Could this fight be the Main Event barring something happening to Conor/Dustin?
32:41 Have you ever wanted to get COVID on the off season?
35:04 Are you paranoid about USADA/How are you being careful with intake?
38:04 What do you think will happen with the main event? Is it going to be for a title?
40:34 Improving Conor's cardio, how would you do it?
43:23 What is your next step after Hooker?
45:27 Outro

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